Endodontic or endodontic therapy is also known as root canal therapy. It includes the treatment of the inner part of the teeth called pulp. The Endodontic treatment is mainly concerned about clearing the infection on the tooth. It also targets on the prevention of the infection from teeth.



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The Endodontic therapy includes the removal of everything within the teeth. Once an Endodontic therapy is performed, it will cause in resulting a dead teeth. Thus the patient will not feel any further pain as every nerve tissues are removed to prevent the infection. The Endodontics treatments are generally performed by the all dentist including the general dentist. Endodontist are the special dentist who is qualified to carry out treatment involving endodontic procedures. The endodontics deals with the treatment of the inner part of the teeth. The treatment involving inner part of the teeth are generally performed when the teeth’s pulp gets infected. The decay on the tooth is generally caused due to the crack on the teeth. The damage to the teeth’s pulp is also occurred when a severe blow occurs on to the teeth. If the damaged pulp is left untreated it may lead to cause severe pain and lead to an adcess. The treatment involving the endodontics may make use of advanced techniques of anaesthesia in order to prevent the patient from feeling pain during the treatment process.

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